SLP009: Midnight Production Plan – microtone

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Do you wanna dance?

microtone’s 7th EP is out now!
We’ve got so long time to finish such a great EP.
This features asian indie musicians and friends as follows,

Clover (Indie pop band from Jakarta),
Aki Okabe (Strawberry Machine form Nagoya)
Hyuga Takashi (hi-channel! from Tokyo)
and Mini Kyute (Erectric pop duo from Sapporo).

Midnight Production Plan
01 Won’t you feel ft. Clover 私がわかりますか?
02 EXPWY 高速道路
03 Midnight Production Plan 真夜中の生産計画
04 I am a middle woman 中年
05 Rain, Red Tower and so long 雨の中、赤いタワー、さよなら。
06 Moon Flight ft. Clover 月面飛行
07 A train running in snowfield 雪原を走る汽車