Clover soundandlife.rmx

Clover soundandlife.rmxFree download here!!

1.  SundaeRhapsody (Airlove Remodel)
2.  Until Whenever (microdub)
3.  Lovelife (hi-channel!’s Bootleg)
4.  Orenji (microdub)
5.  OurLittleSecret (Airlove Remodel)
6.  Our Little Secret (microdub)
7.  Orenji (hi-channel!’s Bootleg)
8.  Tania in a car (RMX of microtone)

Cloverの名曲をsoundandlife. チームがフロア仕様にリメイクした
Clover  soundandlife.rmxがリリースされました。

Don’t stop jumping and moving your feet !!
Clover’s great tunes reworked for dance floor by soundandlife. team is just released for FREE !!

All tracks are remixed by hi-channel! / Airlove / microtone
Artwork by kanana