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Midnight Overtime REMIXES – microtone


This EP is continuous series from “Midnight Production Plan“.
microtone’s remixed by hi-channel!(Tokyo) and mini kyute(Sapporo).
On the top of that, Shiho (mini kyute) rearranged the chorus part for “Moon Flight”

And… we love to share the a cappella materials for your remix or track making.
Try to compose another remix and share on Soundcloud with tag #mctrmx.

Midnight Overtime REMIXES – microtone

08 Midnight Production Plan (hi-channel’s Overtime) Remixed by hi-channel!
09 Moon Flight ft. Clover (mini kyute’s Overtime) Remix and Rechorused by mini kyute
10 Midnight Production Plan (Beats)
11 Midnight Production Plan (A cappella)
12 A Train Running in Snowfield (Beats)
13 A Train Running in Snowfield (A cappella)
14 Moon Fright (A cappella)

Midnight Production Plan – microtone

Midnight-Production-Plan-aw (1)

Do you wanna dance?

microtone’s 7th EP is out now!
We’ve got so long time to finish such a great EP.
This features asian indie musicians and friends as follows,

Clover (Indie pop band from Jakarta),
Aki Okabe (Strawberry Machine form Nagoya)
Hyuga Takashi (hi-channel! from Tokyo)
and Mini Kyute (Erectric pop duo from Sapporo).


Midnight Production Plan
01 Won’t you feel ft. Clover 私がわかりますか?
02 EXPWY 高速道路
03 Midnight Production Plan 真夜中の生産計画
04 I am a middle woman 中年
05 Rain, Red Tower and so long 雨の中、赤いタワー、さよなら。
06 Moon Flight ft. Clover 月面飛行
07 A train running in snowfield 雪原を走る汽車

Clover soundandlife.rmx

Clover soundandlife.rmxFree download here!!

1.  SundaeRhapsody (Airlove Remodel)
2.  Until Whenever (microdub)
3.  Lovelife (hi-channel!’s Bootleg)
4.  Orenji (microdub)
5.  OurLittleSecret (Airlove Remodel)
6.  Our Little Secret (microdub)
7.  Orenji (hi-channel!’s Bootleg)
8.  Tania in a car (RMX of microtone)

Cloverの名曲をsoundandlife. チームがフロア仕様にリメイクした
Clover  soundandlife.rmxがリリースされました。

Don’t stop jumping and moving your feet !!
Clover’s great tunes reworked for dance floor by soundandlife. team is just released for FREE !!

Cloverについては、Merci Magazine (by abcdefg*record) にインタビューが掲載されています。
See more information on Merci Magazine by abcdefg*record from Nagoya, Japan.

All tracks are remixed by hi-channel! / Airlove / microtone
Artwork by kanana

Clover – Until Whenever

SLP_007_until whenever

PDF lyric sheet  download here!

Watch out! Watch out! A new album is released now.

KINGBEAT / Amazon MP3 / iTunes

Clover – Until Whenever

01 Tania in a Car
02 Lovelife (featuring vocals from Edo Wallad – The Safari)
03 Our Little Secret (featuring vocals from Merdi Simanjuntak – Sweaters)
04 Until Whenever (featuring vocals from Venendar Hambali – Lull)
05 Orenji
06 Blue is Just For Boys
07 Sundae Rhapsody
08 Lullaby For The Fireflies
09 Mr. Cookies
10 Chapsa Song
11 Loveshine (featuring guitars from Yonathan Vanco – Lull)
12 Ballads of The Lads and The Lass (featuring vocals from Pugar Restu Julian – thedyingsirens)
13 Hershey’s Kisses

Flipper’s guitar, Hideki Kaji, Kahimi karie…Also indonesia’s indiepop bands is influenced a lot by them.And this band, CLOVER is the cutest one in all over the Asia.Cool, hot album by indonesian girls pop band is released from soundandlife now.


-Release note-