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SLP010: Midnight Overtime REMIXES – microtone


This EP is continuous series from “Midnight Production Plan“.
microtone’s remixed by hi-channel!(Tokyo) and mini kyute(Sapporo).
On the top of that, Shiho (mini kyute) rearranged the chorus part for “Moon Flight”

And… we love to share the a cappella materials for your remix or track making.
Try to compose another remix and share on Soundcloud with tag #mctrmx.

Midnight Overtime REMIXES – microtone

08 Midnight Production Plan (hi-channel’s Overtime) Remixed by hi-channel!
09 Moon Flight ft. Clover (mini kyute’s Overtime) Remix and Rechorused by mini kyute
10 Midnight Production Plan (Beats)
11 Midnight Production Plan (A cappella)
12 A Train Running in Snowfield (Beats)
13 A Train Running in Snowfield (A cappella)
14 Moon Fright (A cappella)


Sawadee Khrap.
Now , I’m listening the remix I made 2 or 3 years ago and re-maked last year.Pls make sure to listen to this.I found this band “Clover” on Merci Magazine published by abcdefg*record.Great and so foolish stuff this is , I love it.
By the way , I used Ableton Live + Macbook to compose this remix.I think this has enough software keys and drums to make sounds like this.Needless to say ,no other stuff needed , only skills.You know what I’m saying?

To be continued


2、3年前に作って、去年リメイクしたCloverのリミックスを聴いてるのですが、いまさら自分で言うのもなんですが結構良いと思います。ボインボインいってます。Ableton Liveだけで作っているんですが、シンセもドラムもたっぷり入ってるし、ホント他に何も要らないですね。必要なのは、スキルだけだということですね。頑張ります。